The lengths that I will go to
The distance in your eyes

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Dad and Son | Naruto Ch. 668
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she also

  • stored chakra in her forehead for three years straight
  • has chakra control and medic abilities that surpass even tsunades WHO CREATED THE MEDIC SYSTEM
  • punched god in the face
  • has superhuman strength
  • was the smartest in her class
  • still reaches out to sasuke…
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you all should take this quiz to see what your ninja rank is and then reblog this post and add your rank in the tags

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[4.11.1999 - 10.11.2014]
Naruto: an infographic; 

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I feel like Ino is a secret pervert and she has a lot of perverted jokes with Kankuro.

And in a way, they can both control bodies.

Thank you to yamatoesies for this ship. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be looking up fanart.

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i’m seeing all of this shisaku and i’m just like


i loved him first. 

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by Smyton4tw on dA

I wonder if he ever gets any flyaways.

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Happy Wednesday, it’s almost time for your life to get ruined again for one of the last times.

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this is all i think about the whole day

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Happy Birthday, Namikaze Minato!  1/25

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Lee or Neji and Kiba or Lee ➜ asked by uchihadaydreamer and gatsugaa 

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